New Era of Institutional Behaviour…

Realizing the significance of providing ‘legal entity’ to SHG federations as primary level federation BRLPS (JEEViKA) has decided to register Cluster Level Federations under Bihar Self-Supportive Cooperative Societies Act, 1996. Recently completed online training (2-5th Dec, 2020) on ‘relevance and documentation process for CLF Registration (BISSCO Act, 1996)’ to district’s officials (35) and CLF Anchor Persons (64) covering 18 NRETP Districts.

Kudos to the spirit of all participants and resource team for sharing their experiences and high intent for developing self-reliant SHG federations (CLFs) at scale.

For realizing the mandate of developing self-managed community institutions (in real sense), it is equally important for NRLM to rethink on designing competency enhancement program for human resource along with customized community HR & robust financial management system and operational processes to establish administrative and statutory system.

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